shelburne-falls-torrentThe Deerfield River surges through the Salmon Hole.


Damn Sightly

shelburne falls mill damI’m breaking one of my photo posting guidelines with this one: it’s an iphone image (primary criteria), but it’s been Instagrammed. I admit it: I have an account, to the temptations of which I succumb occasionally. Too much fun.

Above: The Deerfield River spills over the mill dam at Salmon Falls in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. Immediately below the dam are the intriguing Glacial Potholes, an erosion¬†phenomenon (geologically¬†speaking: kettles)¬†which may or may not be evident depending on the river’s flow and the dam’s controls.

On the Surface

fountain reflectionA pool of bubbling coolness greets the visitors to the Bridge of Flowers, a beautifully repurposed trolley crossing over the Deerfield River between Shelburne Falls and Buckland, Massachusetts. The summer haze over the verdant display at 95% humidity makes the fountain display that much more soothing.