Lime Kiln

ward lime kiln plymouth vermontThe site of the Ward Lime Works in Plymouth, Vermont north of the village on the west side of VT Route 100. Though remote, the mountain town of Plymouth was found to have rich mineral resources; here crushed limestone was hand-charged and fired with charcoal to produce quicklime for mortar, iron ore smelting, and agriculture. The small hole at the base of the dry-laid stone wall was the eye of the furnace; it let air in to the bottom of the chamber after which the finished product and ash were shoveled out for the next loading.

Windows on the Whetstone

windows on the whetstone

The derelict power station on Arch Street (#3 in National Register Survey) rises from the opaque waters of Whetstone Brook, muddied from days of spring rain. Built by the Brattleboro Gaslight Company in 1895 to generate electrical power for its customers and its street railroad (see my trolley post), the historic structure has fallen on hard times after a brief revival a decade ago. Many industrious enterprises have stood on or adjacent to this spot, availing themselves of the rushing water and the prime location in the heart of Brattleboro.