Depot Discoveries Part Seven

In which Part Seven is more accurately entitled Part Five Continued. It’s a return to the Putney station on the Vermont Valley Railroad, part of the Connecticut River Line (later the Rutland Railroad, Boston and Maine, Vermont Central, et al.), … Continue reading

Depot Discoveries Part Six

A vintage postcard shows the trolley passing the Wells Fountain at the north end of its route, after having looped past the Common. Vermont’s Windham County Superior Courthouse now stands behind the fountain, replacing the Victorian residence. Today’s adventure involves … Continue reading

Depot Discoveries Part Five

The traditional crossing sign still stands, on a post made from a length of rail. A brand new crossing control system (#129.95) has been installed nearby as part of the high-speed rail improvements made recently on the Connecticut River Line. … Continue reading

Depot Discoveries Part Four

This chapter in the Depot Discoveries Series has a different conclusion than the previous three posts, but one shared with many a foray in search of “what had been” – and it probably will not be the last of its … Continue reading

Depot Discoveries Part Three

Historic photo of the Williamsville station on the West River Railroad; conspicuous is the steel truss bridge over the mouth of the Rock River, looking northbound. The West River is just out of the frame to the right, paralleling the … Continue reading

Depot Discoveries Part Two

From the 2013 Windham County Railroad Calendar by Old Maps. A very similar photo can be found in the Porter Thayer Collection, taken at a different season of the year. In this post I return to my explorations of local … Continue reading

Depot Discoveries Part One

From the 2013 calendar by Old Maps (a Porter Thayer photo, I believe): the West Dummerston Station on the West River Railroad. I’m a history buff – of the local variety in particular. I find that it lends a perspective … Continue reading


The stone arch over the flat water of Sackett’s Brook carries the Connecticut River Line over a desolate marsh, isolated from the village of Putney by time and change. Built around 1850 for the Vermont Valley Railroad, later the Boston … Continue reading

Windows on the Whetstone

The derelict power station on Arch Street (#3 in National Register Survey) rises from the opaque waters of Whetstone Brook, muddied from days of spring rain. Built by the Brattleboro Gaslight Company in 1895 to generate electrical power for its customers … Continue reading