Wild Oats

ild oats retreat meadows 2017

Uvularia sessilfolia nods amongst its companions on the hillside.


4 thoughts on “Wild Oats

    • I checked that out John, having had the same question. I haven’t seen Uvularia grandiflora around here yet. For what it’s worth, the USDA plant database doesn’t report it in Windham County… It is quite a bit larger than sp. sessilifolia, with brighter yellow blossoms with twisted petals. Also, the leaves are perfoliate, similar to sp. perfoliata, whereas this example’s leaves are tight to the main stem, but not pierced.


      • Hi Rich,
        I retract my previous ID. Running by a big colony of wild oats this morning I noticed the more distinctive bell shaped flower. I saw some large-flower yesterday in St. J so perhaps that’s what set me to thinking that way. My apologies!

        Cheers, John

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