Showy Tick Trefoil

showy tick trefoil broad brook vernon, vtOn the north shore of Broad Brook, Vernon, Vermont. Notice the aphids at the tip?


5 thoughts on “Showy Tick Trefoil

    • The ‘tick’ reference is to the plant’s propagation characteristic of hitching a ride to another location via the barbs on the seedheads, a la tick-style. I realize that is a topic of note to you with your past experiences with Lyme; my own partner has had a very extended case of the same, diagnosed at long last and under treatment. She had a very hard time convincing the medical establishment of her situation and finally it is being dealt with, after much debilitation. She’s actually at Dartmouth Medical today being tested for memory loss, trying to get a grip on that aspect. We are hopeful that she will continue to rebound.

      In other, more obvious, plant lexicology (assuming nothing!): the “showy” refers, of course, to the sightliness of the flowers as compared to some other members of the large Desmodium family. The “trefoil” name reflects the three-part compound leaf, similar to alfalfa.


      • Thanks for your very thorough info about the plant!

        I’m sorry to hear about your partner and hope she makes a full recovery. I’d be curious how she makes out in Dartmouth. I have had no signs of active infection for about a year but have some lingering memory loss. I also have high lead levels which I treated for a while and may try that again at some point – so one could be aggravating the other. I’ve thought about going for an evaluation but have not. It’s definitely disturbing to have one’s brain impacted. 😦

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