west river box elder fog marchBox elder overhangs the fog-shrouded West River in late winter.


9 thoughts on “Fading

    • I found it and followed it! Beautiful moments captured there, Rebecca. I look forward to seeing more of this land through your eyes. Thank you for bringing your other blog to my attention. And thank you for following Sokoki Sojourn – it is my new project and will be devoted to learning to see the landscape through the culture of its people. Wlioni nidoba.


      • I am enjoying following your pages. This page for my also follows my journeys in Haiti. Much of my life there reminds me of the Abenaki ways. Sound odd I am sure, a brooder discussion is necessary to explain this. I wsh I had the grasp of the Abenaki language the way I do with Haitian Creole!

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      • That would be a good conversation. Sounds like you were there for awhile, in order to pick up a lot of the language. I am screwing up my courage to try to learn Abenaki (at least attempt it!) – I think it will greatly enrich and strengthen my understanding of the land and its people. So much to know!

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  1. My thoughts about the box elder are not so poetic because we have them on the side of the property and also the box elder beetles, red and black designed that congregate by the front door or garage door where it is warm from the sun. The beetles attract more attention than the trees here at our house. EMH


    • True, box elder is not much loved. It tends toward being invasive and insistent, especially around clearings and water’s edge. I have seen the beetles before but never associated them with box elder – thank you for making that connection!


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