Chandler Hill

Morning slips into the quiet of Chandler Hill burial ground, Colrain’s oldest graveyard (1743).


4 thoughts on “Chandler Hill

  1. I came to your beautiful images from a comment you might on Tom Atkins’ blog…lovely. The photo this morning does capture that “eternal green” that he described. Cemetaries often have that air of expectation. A live, hopeful, vital expectation – I like that. Thank you.

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    • Exactly, Susan. Many people find cemeteries dreary or even tedious… many of the more contemporary plots are that, at times. But the ancient burial grounds I like to explore are so much more than that; they are the resting places of our heritage and our birthright. I find a solace and, as you said, an expectation there. The abandon of this particular place made it even more appealing, like a hidden promise. Thank you for visiting!


    • Thank you Mary. Early morning in an ancient cemetery seems to put it in the best light… at rest and timeless. Capturing it can be a challenge; this was my last shot on the way back to my car at the edge of the road. I guess I needed to be there long enough to acclimate to what was happening in that place, in that time.


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